I’ve always been a bit bonkers about cleaning. It’s my therapy, my zen. I’m a sucker for nice packaging and pretty smells. Well, just the other week, I fell in love with the best cleaning product line ever…

It’s a local (Vancouver) company called Sapadilla. They make eco-friendly soaps and cleaners.

Which is good in itself, but what makes them wonderful, is that their products smell like heaven and they work like a hot damn!

Although I heart cleaning, I usually hate doing dishes. But Sapadilla’s dish-soap smells so good and works so well, it’s almost (not quite) a pleasure to do dishes now.

From the Sapadilla website: “Our nice little eco-cleaners are plant-based and biodegradable, made with naturally effective ingredients from sugar, coconut and palm oil. They’re also rich in pure essential oils which provide natural cleansing properties and wonderful, fresh aromas.”

I can’t recommend their products highly enough! In Vancouver, you can find them at Whole Foods, Nesters Market, Stongs and Cookworks.

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