5 tips for giving photos as holiday gifts

1 – Even though it may seem like a good idea, it’s actually best not to give someone a framed photo of themselves as a gift. We’re all really picky about how we look in pictures and chances are, most people would rather not display (or sometimes even keep) a framed picture of themselves.

So unless you know for absolutely certain that someone really loves a particular photo you took of them, it’s better to choose a different type of photo to give as a gift:

– A nice photo of people’s children or pets is always appreciated.
– You can’t go wrong with a lovely shot of nature or any kind of scenery.
– Artistic shots of interesting or pretty objects are also a good bet. (Antiques and unique items, things with eye-catching colours, interesting angles or shadows.)

2 – Give a photo that will mean something to the person you’re giving it to. If they love boats, give a photo of a boat or of a boat dock. If they love books, give a photo of a nice looking stack of books. If they collect something, like vintage dishes or toys – or whatever they collect – give them a photo of those. If they have a favourite spot at a local beach or park, give them a photo of that.

3 – If you’re not sure about someone’s decorating style or personal taste, it’s best to avoid fancy frames. Unless you know exactly what they like, try to stick with the classic, black frame with a white mat.

4 – A very nice gift for recently engaged couples, for new or expectant parents, or for your own parents, is to pre-pay for a professional photography session for them. And if you have friends or family who are actors, a pre-paid headshot session would be a very welcome gift!

Look online to find a photographer you like, contact them and make arrangements to pre-pay for a session. When you do that, be sure that the person who will be receiving the session can book their own date and time. Some photographers can give you a printed gift certificate, or you can easily make up your own gift certificate to give as your present.

5 – If you send out a family photo every year with your holiday cards and you want the photo to be something that people will keep, avoid dressing in holiday clothing or having a holiday background.

People will be much more likely to keep and even display a photo of your family if it’s picture that looks natural and isn’t particular to any seasonal holiday.

Tamea Burd is an eco-friendly photographer based in Vancouver, BC. She specializes in portraits, headshots and wedding photography. Her website: Tamea Burd Photography

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