Online Dating Photographer Advice

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Are you thinking that you really should get professional photos taken for your online dating profile? Have you got the feeling that if you had really good pictures, your profile would get better responses and generate a lot more interest?

Is the reason you still haven’t booked a session with a photographer, because you’re waiting until you look more like an ideal version of yourself?

If that’s the case, you’re not alone. The number one, most common reason people procrastinate about investing in current, high quality photos for their profiles, is because they’re not happy with how they look.

What they’re forgetting to consider, is this: Hiring a professional photographer is exactly how to make sure you have flattering, appealing pictures that show you at your very best.

There’s one other thing to consider as well…

People tend to find love by being courageous and taking a risk. The simplest way to begin, is to accept yourself and present yourself just as you are. Because as you know, self-confidence is extremely attractive.

If you want to meet someone who makes you happy, someone who likes you for who you are… The very best time to get your dating photos taken, is now.

Tamea Burd is a Vancouver photographer who specializes in online dating profile photos. Her website:

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