The Best Time to Get Your Online Dating Photos Taken, Is Right Now

now clock

There is no ‘perfect’ time to do most things. Being brave and pushing past the urge to procrastinate or panic, is how we succeed and accomplish our dreams and goals.

One of my favourite things about my job, is when my online dating portrait clients  get in touch with me weeks or months after their photo session, to tell me they met someone wonderful. I’ve photographed weddings of clients who hired me originally for their dating profile photos. And I’ve even photographed family portraits a few years later, with their spouses and children.

Although good photos are definitely a key element in successful online dating, they’re not the only factor.  People find love online (or anywhere) by being courageous, motivated and determined. One of the many things they do right, is to accept themselves and present themselves just as they are. No waiting, no excuses.

If you want to change your life and take the chance of meeting someone who makes you happy, because they like you just as you are… The time to get your photos taken, is right now.

Tamea Burd is a Vancouver photographer who specializes in online dating profile photos. Her website:


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