Continue your way…

A few months ago, I received the sweetest thank you ever.

Whenever I get inquiries from people looking for a job as my assistant photographer, I always take the time to reply. I’m blunt and honest about the difficulty in making a living as a photographer, especially in Vancouver, where the outrageous cost of living is a massive obstacle in so many elements of my job. I then give them some suggestions as to other possibilities they might want to look into for at least part-time or contract photography work. Then I sincerely wish them good luck.

I often hear back from people, usually thanking me for being the only person who even bothered to respond. This was the email I received from a student photographer this evening:

“My English is not very good. And I am so sorry about that. I think you will find a lot of mistakes in my writing. I don’t really know how can I appreciate you for this precise, complete , useful and very comprehensive explanations you sent me in a kind way with high amount of care which is very specific and also rare among nowadays’ people.

You favored a lot to me and I acknowledge you and also encourage you to continue this generous manner to others and don’t give it up at all. Because, the world needs humans like you and noble people cannot be found easily.

Thanks a lot for your kindness, I wish the best for you and all people who are gentle like you and behave and treat like you.

Continue your way and don’t stop this substantial wave.”

– Me again. That last sentence resonated so beautifully in my heart. I’ve been saying it to myself often.

I’m sharing this with you now, because it’s a really lovely example of the power of kindness reciprocated.

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